Testing the new version of Sophos in a lab environment leads me to some interesting facts;

Enterprise console – the management back office of “Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection” does not currently support Windows Server 2008 R2 (release 2 available from October)

Remote deployment doesn’t work on Windows Vista or Windows 7 unless you take a variety of steps including running the remote registry service (+ setting to automatic start), modifying the local security policy disabling UAC for admins, opening various ports or just disabling the windows firewall in frustration, enabling file and printer sharing. Remote deploy on fully updated XP machines can also be problematic.

The client firewall doesn’t support servers (obviously) or 64 bit workstations (you what?) - including the 64 bit variants of XP, Vista and Windows 7! Though you’ll be pleased to know that 64 machines are supported if they run a 32 bit OS.

Come on Sophos adapt ! This isn’t 2003 anymore!