The SQL Server 2008 disk acts as though it were corrupted if mounted to a VM through VMware.

Back Story

So I’m doing some work from home and one of the tasks I had set for myself was to install SQL Server 2008 on a virtual machine; so when I was leaving the office the other day I jammed the SQL Server disk into one of our ESX boxes dvd drive and boom I’m out the door.

Unfortunately when I tried to run the Setup file to begin the prerequisites I got an error

“.net Framework 3.5 installation Failed”

which was bizarre as I had already installed it and doubley bizarre as SQL Setup normally installs .net framework if it isn’t available.

Google was once again my friend and I quickly discovered this was a common error when people were trying to mount ISO’s they had downloaded from Volume licensing websites.

Mounting with daemon tools, or isomount util works, and for me copying the files to the server over the network did the job. Damn dodgy esx :)