Mike Summerbee recently exclaimed that the main stream press weren’t giving Manchester City enough credit !

Well I was inspired by Mr Summerbee’s cry for help and dug deep to do my bit for the Bitters by using the internet, more specifically social media to promote their cause. To that end I¬†commissioned¬†a couple of beautiful cakes to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the last time Citeh won a trophy.

If you want to see the rest of the photos check out the set on flickr.com

The Character “Lil Tevez” is from the excellent satirical football comic studs-up.com by Chris Toy who gave his permission for Carlos to be reproduced as long as he was tasty !

Sue from http://allshapesandslices.co.uk/ made the cakes she really is fantastic. The guys from Splash Damage devoured Tevez (a 70 slice cake) in no time at all.

You can follow the no doubt excessive flaming that will ensue on twitter/benhop.