Last years silly season was dominated by protracted rumours surrounding the transfers of Sniejder, Nasri and Modric. The football season has barely ended and we’re engulfed in another media exacerbated frenzy.

Many transfers and open Manager positions are getting coverage but none as much as the destination of one Eden Hazard considered among the finest emerging talents in European football. His eyelash flattering & media savy teasing of potential suitors has earned him the moniker ‘The Ego’.

Twitter is awash with rumours and speculation but in turn these unconfirmed sources are being published as news by media outlets and print. Much of what Mr Hazard is supposed to have said is either falsified or deliberately taken out of context.

The Story So Far

  • Informed his club that he wishes to move on
  • Contract Release Clause – precludes Lille from invoking a bidding war (which United would obviously lose)
  • Spoke of his desire to play in the Premier League
  • Repeatedly spoke of a number of clubs who he was negotiating with (Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea)
  • Told the media he had not yet made a decision
  • Told the media that he wouldn’t disclose his destination until he had put pen to paper
  • His agent says that terms have been agreed with 3 clubs
  • Hazard says he will now make a decision on footballing grounds (notably, playing time and position)  between those three clubs!

So far it all adds up; a sensible if annoyingly public approach. We know that realistically we’re the best choice in these circumstances, but Chelsea could us a foil to link Mata and Torres and the departure of Drogba makes room. While he would cause a selection & formation headache for us; (Cleverly restricted?, Wayne & Hazard?).

Manchester City Media Savy

However given the long term criticism and widespread accusations of mercenary bahaviour recent Citeh acquisitions have fostered and the bad feeling this has generated; I think City will aproach this summer differently.

PR Coup?

I’m worried that City’s communications and PR men are orchestrating this Hazard situation with two goals;

1) A Coup over United in attracting top talent
2) Making it clear that they didn’t outbid, outpay us but that the player chose them on footballing grounds (fabricated).

I hope not, I hope he takes his career more seriously than that ! But don’t underestimate how persuasive and agent can be if he’s getting considerably better payouts from one of the suitors.

Hazards terms may well be agreed with all three clubs but who knows what the oil rich negotiators are offering his agent.